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Day 5-19: Time Flies When Alcohol is Cheap

HOLY WOW. So, I am a few days away from being in this fabulous country for an entire month! And has it ever been a whirlwind. The first two weeks weren't spent idle, instead we were running around like Energizer Bunnies on RedBull, preparing for the wedding of the century! Along with my fellow bridesmaids, and the beautiful blushing bride-to-be, we frequented every shopping centre and market in a 5 mile radius, to purchase every last knick knack one could possibly need to get married in style. Also, I discovered this clothes store that seemed to have read my personal style journal and had everything I loved. Consequently, I spent way more money on clothes than I needed to, and added a good 20 pounds to my already over weight suitcases. Shopping really is like a drug; there is nothing better than the high of swiping a credit card to purchase things you really don't need.

One of the most interesting places we visited was Chinatown in Durban. It is basically a stuffy, brick maze of tiny shops stuffed to the brim with glitter and kitschy things. Everything from Hello Kitty stickers to bra's with enough flashy rhinestones on them to signal a UFO to land. The weird thing is though that there weren't that many Chinese people working in each shop ... I'm not meaning to sound racist or to stereotype a shopping centre, but, it's just like when you go to Sea World, you expect to see sea creatures, not prairie dogs and antelope. Get what I mean?

Shopping aside, everyone staying in our jolly little penthouse (overlooking the sea, dolphins swimming by each day, beautiful!) took advantage of being on "holiday" and having free evenings to do what we pleased. We went to quiz night at Hooters, karaoke at Someplace Else (actual name of the bar), bachelorette party at Hops, and a few nights spent bumping and grinding at a bar on the beach called "Beach Bums." It was too many fantastic evenings blurred together, fuelled by extremely cheap and tasty alcohol, and good people to party with. The only weird thing though is how early most of the pubs close at ... Beach Bums was closed up, lights out by around 10:30pm. Very different, considering most of our establishments, regardless of what kind of entertainment they offer, stay open until at least 2am. I guess maybe it makes for less time to make bad decisions? Or, it equals out to people drilling alcohol and who knows what else down their throats in order to have a rip roaring good time before the 10th grade curfew rolls around. Who knows.

As for the wedding, I don't really think there are words that can describe how beautiful the entire thing was. The venue was a small hotel, Palm Dunes, situated directly beside the beach. The entire grounds were canopied by giant leafy trees that looked like they were straight out of Timone and Pumba's oasis in the Lion King. The greenery was amazing, and in the morning, herds of loud and annoying monkeys catapulted from the trees to annihilate everything in their path. The day before the wedding was spent getting completely pampered in a beautiful suite where we would all be staying the night. I was a little nervous about the whole bridesmaid thing, as I had never stood up at someones wedding before, and there were literally thousands of ways to screw it up. Like, falling down the steep steps leading to the altar on the beach and having my underpants show, sweating off all my makeup and ruining all the pictures, or accidentally tripped, stepping on the brides train, and ruining her dress. The possibilities were endless.

Thankfully, all my worries turned out to be for nothing, as per usual, and the entire joyous occasion went down without a hitch. I mean, how could a wedding with an awesome bride and groom getting married on a beautiful beach go anyway but amazing? Answer: It can't! Anyways, with the nuptials done, we headed up to the reception hall to have the party of the century. The venue was absolutely stunning: birdcage centrepieces stuffed with flowers and suspended from the ceiling, blue accents everywhere, and beautiful linens draped across the ceiling. It was a fairytale wedding if I have ever seen one, and I couldn't have been happier for my two lovely friends. And the party afterwards, well, let's just say it was one for the books. By the end, the photo booth was raging, the drinks were being free poured, and all the guests had realized they had an entire room of new best friends. It. Was. Awesome. Definitely a great first experience of being a bridesmaid!

With yellow eyeballs, a potential case of scurvy from too much booze and too little fruit and veg, I wearily hopped on a plane two days after the wedding and made the reluctant voyage to Capetown. I was sad to say goodbye to all the great friends I had made during my time in Durban, but I was very much looking forward to all the adventures to be had in the Mother City! Not to mention a week of quality alone time spent watching series, not showering, and recovering from my case of the pirate disease while Mike and Robyn were on their honeymoon. Happy days!

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